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Why Choose Us

Hear from Xpressive Consultancy's recent and relevant connections

Elissa Newall

Partner, Edified
Industry Education Experts

I’ve known Sue for more than ten years, having worked with her first as a colleague at Australian Catholic University and, more recently, having engaged her for some project work
with Edified.

Sue is highly approachable and professional, bringing great empathy to her work. She has a strong grasp of the higher education sector and the challenges of working in
large, complex organisations.

Sue can always be relied on for practical, effective advice and quality outcomes.

From large internal communications initiatives through to website copywriting, she is more than capable. Importantly she is adaptable, proactive and a pleasure to work with.


Shawn Walker

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Engagement)
University of
Southern Queensland

I have known and worked with Sue Falkner at several Australian universities over the past 15 years.

Sue has a depth of applied experience in project management and has successfully overseen a range of enterprise wide strategic initiatives across ICT and the full spectrum of marketing and communications.

Most recently I engaged Sue to help deploy Charles Sturt University’s
customer experience improvement program. Sue oversaw the introduction of our Student Voice initiative, an enterprise wide student experience

monitoring survey tool.

Sue also oversaw the successful introduction of a customer experience training program for all student facing staff at the university. Sue was an
absolute pleasure to deal with and delivered the 
project to a high standard.

Anne Dobson 

Family Behaviour Consultant
Effective Behaviour Management

I couldn't run my business
Effective Behaviour Management without Sue's support, knowledge
and expertise.

Sue is organised, thorough
and consistently professional.

Best of all,
Sue is proactive and thinks of things
I haven't even considered.

Engaging in Sue's services is the smartest decision I have made
and it has freed me up
to focus on
what I do well while
Sue keeps my marketing and admin running in the background.

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