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4. Small Business Admin & Communications

Business Growth Development
Kick-Off Package

Bringing to you a customisable package to quickly
help g
row and support your business

The below is a summary of some potential inclusions, but we are happy to work with you to ensure your preferences are met:


 •  identification / confirmation of your ideal client and development of an email list - database

 •  development of a promotional flyer and turning this into a version suitable for one or more Linkedln posts
•    development of up to 10 marketing tiles for use across Linkedln and other social media
•    development of a calendar for scheduling social media posts - (e.g. Linkedln, Twitter and Facebook)
•    creation of a HubSpot CRM account e.g. for Linkedln posting
•    relationship building with your ideal client
•    initiating blogs and ideas for a newsletter

•    developing an initial draft media release to send to Xpressive Consultancy's contact database of journalists
•    build and / or development of a Linkedln business page
•    an initial website audit for your business, review of content and recommendations for new and fresh content
•    a weekly meeting (a minimum of 1 hour per week) to assess
progress and gain input to deliver the above.

Cost: $1,090 per week for 10 weeks

This package is flexible, for example, to replace items with those you may deem to be higher priority; but depending on the depth of work involved this may replace more than one of the above.

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