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Specialist Services
For Health Professionals and Consultants

Let us enlighten you to the benefits of business automation!

Xpressive Consultancy develops strategy to allow you to grow...

We specialise in...


So as to select and implement new systems, plus set-up and maintenance, to increase business efficiency.

Marketing Strategies

Customer-focused, including key messaging.

Liaising with the Media

A targeted approach to liaising with media outlets to gain and increase coverage.

Webinar Support

Bringing your event, large or small, to life in ways you may have not thought possible.

Building Brand Awareness

Through seeking opportunities with the media, writing media releases, newsletters and copywriting.

Giving you Focused Time

By providing these services you have time to operate in your 'Zone of Genius'!

Gosh, what would I do without you? You’re amazing, you save me so much time and brainpower so I can focus on where my strength lies.”

Anne Dobson
Family Behaviour Consultant, Effective Behaviour Management

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