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Copywriting &
for the Web

Xpressive Consultancy is only too familiar with large website auditing and copywriting, particularly for the higher education sector and government/industry websites but no website is too big or too small. 


Xpressive Consultancy can bring even the most uninspiring of topics to life through demonstrating an ability to write in plain English. This can make your audience understand and engage in your content in ways you may think unimaginable!

The power of the written word, written well can provide great return on investment. The quality is in the content!


Xpressive Consultancy will collaborate every step of the way to ensure your content is audience target driven and captures your business.


  • Website Auditing | Website Recommendations | Website Copywriting

  • Articles | Newsletters

  • Product descriptions

  • E-books

  • Blogs

  • Media kits

  • And much more….


Every business is unique, and each has useful information to share with their target audience.
Let Xpressive Consultancy help share yours!